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Ain't Misbehavin' Gentle Dog Training, LLC, teaches people how to train their pets.  In spite of our name that refers to dogs, we can show you how to teach anyone or anything living in your house.  But, what is "gentle dog training?”  It is clicker-training or operant conditioning.  This is a scientific training method developed by B. F. Skinner, PhD., in the early part of the 20th century.  Through this method, behaviors are "marked" with some aid (in our case using a clicker) and the animal is rewarded.  The animal learns that certain behaviors generate treats and the dog becomes eager to offer behaviors. 

Unlike traditional training methods, operant conditioning (clicker-training) uses no form of punishment or correction.  There are no choke, prong or electric collars.  No "leash popping," no pushing, no pulling and no kicking.  This training is entirely force free.  Desired behaviors are rewarded and the undesirable behaviors are ignored.  During this training a dog learns that desired behaviors make a good thing happen.  As the result, the desired behaviors increase.  Clicker-training has both the handler and animal looking forward to training.

Ain't Misbehavin' Gentle Dog Training, LLC, conducts private lessons in your home.  You can begin lessons virtually immediately and this training program fits perfectly into your schedule.  If for some reason you miss a class, nothing is lost.  You can't get behind, we will simply reschedule.  A training program will be designed specifically to your needs.  It does not matter whether you have a new puppy, an older dog or a dog with behavior problems.  Please check out our site and if you are interested, you can fill out the on-line form or give Louis Mande a call.  Our service area is predominantly Philadelphia, eastern Montgomery County and southeastern Bucks County in Pennsylvania.  If you are not located in these areas, please contact me and I may be able to help you or refer you to an excellent trainer.

Imagine training your dog where there is no stress or anxiety associated with training.  Your communication with your dog will increase many fold and you will actually become closer to your dog.

​Give gentle dog training a chance.  It can't hurt.