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Ain't Misbehavin' Gentle Dog Training was a wonderful and rewarding experience! Our puppy, "Maybeline", also known as "Maybe", had several behavioral issues before we starting our training with Lou. Maybe displayed many unwanted behaviors such as jumping, barking at the door when guests arrive, counter surfing, and constantly chasing our cat and rabbit.  However, none of these behaviors compared to our major concern which was her reactivity on the leash.  As soon as she would see a person or dog the hair on her back would stand up, she'd begin growling, and eventually go into a barking frenzy.  We were completely clueless on how to change her behavior. We did some online research and attempted to use methods recommended by various trainers.  Not only did these options not work, we absolutely hated them. We ended up hating to walk our dog because we knew it would lead to the harsh punishments we were told would correct her behavior.  The training stressed out not only us but Maybe as well. We had basically given up on training when we were given 6 sessions with Lou as a Christmas gift.  Even after the fist session we were ecstatic about clicker training. Lou is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and easy to work with.  He made training sessions fun and exciting for all parties involved.  Hands down the best part about the training was how much our puppy enjoyed it! We loved to teacher her new behaviors and boy did she love to learn them.  Teaching Maybe to relax on the leash was the hardest behavior to change.  Lou made us confident that eventually, with the help of clicker training, Maybe could have a peaceful walk on her leash.  We stuck with the reactivity training and we are still working with her on a daily basis.  It is an uphill battle but she is improving with every walk.  He informed us that reactivity on the leash is sometimes the hardest behavior to change but he had no doubt that we would reach our goal. 
​Lou was also an enormous help by making himself available in between sessions with any questions or concerns we might have.  Throughout training Maybe transformed into a new dog.  She was very fond of Lou and was thrilled every time he walked through the door.  We are so grateful to have met Lou and learned clicker training. Our puppy is much more relaxed now that she understands the behaviors we want from her. Lou helped us learn how to train our puppy in a way that we were finally comfortable with which is the best reward of all!

​ Amanda Rogers Wayne, PA ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

​Beau’s Story Beau is a big Maltese Poodle (27 lb) – a rescue dog, approximately three years old.  He was adopted primarily to be a companion to several senior sisters who reside in our Motherhouse.  Beau made friends very quickly with our seniors. He loved them. They loved him. The problem with Beau started after only a few days of getting to know our convent as his “home”.  He became very protective of our senior sisters and very unfriendly toward any visitors.  This was a bit of a conflict as we uphold hospitality as an important value.  Beau would bark ferociously and scare friendly visitors half to death.   Fortunately, I came to know of Lou Mande and Ain’t Misbehavin’ Gentle Dog Training.  Lou’s love for dogs, calm demeanor, confident approach and expertise in handling our fluff ball (quickly become a terror on four paws) was an answer to prayer.  This was primarily because we were heartsick at the thought of having to send Beau away.  Beau learned and responded quickly to Lou’s methods of positive reinforcement.  He definitely calmed down, partly because we also calmed down in our handling of him.  Most importantly, Lou was able to help us face the reality that this particular dog would never be a dog who could freely roam the halls of the convent or be off a leash in public spaces.  His behavior was too unpredictable as were his triggers.  He did learn to obey commands and we have come to regard him as a really wonderful part of the family.  He now resides in a much smaller convent that has far fewer visitors.  He still takes his protective role seriously and we are grateful to have a good little watch dog. He makes regular visits to our Motherhouse and brings great joy to those residing there.   I am ever grateful to Lou for the time he dedicated to Beau, the flexibility of his scheduling and the generosity of his time.  In addition to his involvement with Beau, Lou donates his time by bringing his own two beautiful dogs to visit senior residents in both our Motherhouse and our nearby nursing home.  He is an excellent dog trainer, a great people trainer and an over-all wonderful person.  I am honored to offer this testimony for Lou.

Sr. Anne Marie Haas


We brought Lou into our home to help train Yaya at a time when we were having a lot of difficulties with her.  We adopted Yaya from a shelter, and initially, she was very good (about one-year old). This may have been due to the kennel cough she had, which wore her down, and the transition to a new home. After a short "honeymoon period" she began to act up (jumping on people, nipping, digging at the rug, chewing on wooden furniture). We asked our vet for advice and she recommended Lou. Initially, Lou had misgivings about what could be accomplished with Yaya, but he persisted. His training of Yaya, and the skills and information he imparted to my wife, daughter and myself helped turn things around.  By the time his training was done, Yaya was a better behaving dog, and we (myself and family) were in a better position to deal with any negative behaviors as they arose. I would not hesitate to recommend Lou to anyone who felt they needed help with a difficult dog. His patience and understanding helped us a great deal.

John McAna Philadelphia, PA


​Mr. Lou Mande is a very knowledgeable and proficient exponent of the operant conditioning or clicker training method of dog training.  Mr. Mande has an expert grasp on the principles of behavior and he has a passion for translating these into easily understandable, everyday language. Mr. Mande’s gift is in taking the operant conditioning (clicker training) technology and making its methods immediately available. My nine year-old daughter was training our husky puppy with the clicker in minutes with astounding results. Not only that, Mr. Mande taught me how the operant conditioning method could apply to my work with students diagnosed with autism and emotional and behavioral disorders. This is known as Tagteaching.  He even presented his methods to a group of undergraduate students I was teaching at the time at a local university. I recommend him to anyone who desires to implement this powerful behavioral technology toward rapidly and sustainably changing the behavior of your pet or any person you know.

Eric Frey MA, BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) Philadelphia, PA


​Hi Lou: Thanks you so much for teaching John, Tricia and I how to train our newest family member Chloe! Clicker training is the most humane way of training any animal and it truly works well! Your patience, kindness, and excellent teaching methods worked like magic with Chloe! I do have to say we thought that Chloe, being a papillion would make it more difficult due to her size (5lbs), but you are so knowledgeable about all breeds of dogs which made it so much easier! I personally have joined your "fan club", you are the best!!! Thanks again, Patty, John, and Trish Macartney Hatfield, PA

My daughter and I were at our wit's end with my son's 18 month old Yellow Lab,  Hudson! And I was facing several months when I would be keeping Hudson for my son when he would be at the USN Officer Candidate School. I couldn't see how I was going to be able to do this without suffering an injury as I have had one knee replacement and an ankle held together with a lot of metal. Hudson was very much still a puppy with a LOT OF ENERGY and STRENGTH. On our walks, Hudson could pull me down the street or pull me off of my feet if he was startled. We couldn't have people over because he jumped, thinking they were his playmates.  If we put Hudson in his crate, his barking was incessant. Being as tall as most tables/counters in our home he ate his share of important papers, food items and clothing.  The original training that we had gone through with Hudson was useless! THANKFULLY, my daughter stumbled upon a car reading "Ain't Misbehavin', Gentle Dog Training." Upon hearing about this, I immediately googled it and read through the website. I emailed Lou that evening, received a phone call from him the next day and immediately set up a meeting to hear about the training. Lou was able to explain to us the theory behind the training.  He ensured us that it did not involve any abuse of the dog and how the training would progress. Lou's knowledge and confidence convinced me the training was worth a try. AND WE ARE ALL VERY HAPPY THAT WE DID!  After 6 lessons and several months we are all now very happy with Hudson and I have no worries about being able to keep him for my son. He has not pulled me off of my feet once since Lou came into our home. We now have a lab who does loose leash walking, doesn't take off after neighbors or other dogs when he is out for a walk, nor does he jump all over friends when they come into our home. We have even had a successful dinner party in our home. Lou has been a great trainer for both Hudson and his family. His availability and desire for us to have a wonderful family dog have continued beyond the "official training"; I feel good knowing that I am always able to contact Lou with a problem and he will give a little refresher course. My children and I highly recommend Lou Mande and his "Ain't Misbehavin' Gentle Dog Training."  I'm thankful for the day my daughter read his advertisement and the day Lou gave me a call.

Mary Martha Johnson Elkins Park, PA


​Hi Lou: Thanks you so much for teaching John, Tricia and I how to train our newest family member Chloe! Clicker training is the most humane way of training any animal and it truly works well! Your patience, kindness, and excellent teaching methods worked like magic with Chloe! I do have to say we thought that Chloe, being a Papillion would make it more difficult due to her size (5lbs), but you are so knowledgeable about all breeds of dogs that made it so much easier! I personally have joined your "fan club", you are the best!!!

   Thanks again,
​ Patty, John, and Trish Macartney